In case it wasn’t already abundantly clear…

Posted in Math by Mike Stay on 2011 February 15

You know a guy’s a nerd if he pulls over to take a picture of his odometer because it’s showing the Fibonacci sequence.

But it takes a special kind of nerd to have reset his trip odometer 132.1 miles ahead of time in anticipation of taking the picture.


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  1. Peter said, on 2011 February 15 at 6:49 pm

    That is hilarious.

  2. Rebecca Stay said, on 2011 February 16 at 11:28 pm

    It also takes a special kind of nerd to notice all the details and appreciate it.

  3. […] The week started off with good news for Polymath4, the referee report is out and looks good. Monday could not get enough of Valentine’s Day mathematics and M@atematicamente had a sweet collection of links (in case your Italian is not up to speed, google translate helps). If you’re Italian is very good, you should check out the birthday post for Galilei on Rudi Matematici, otherwise you could have spent Tuesday at The Accidental Mathematician learning that math is strictly less than reality (from a modeling point of view); for a wonderful proof by picture, head over to reperiendi — a brilliant nerd-alert. […]

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