Posted in Uncategorized by Mike Stay on 2010 April 8

Idea for an annotation engine:

  • Annotation has the form (search query, regular expression, content)
    • search query should be in a form where given the content and URL of a page you can tell if it ought to match the query.
    • execute the search query; for each hit
      • run the regex on the result; if it matches
        • attach the content to $1
  • When an annotation is created, cache the first n URLs that the search query and regex succeed on
  • When on a page and you want to know if it has annotations
    • if the URL is in the cache or the current page’s content matches the search query,
      • run the regexp; if it succeeds,
        • attach the content
        • cache the URL
  • automatic linkifying of references?
    • content post-processors
      • automatic linkifying
      • media inclusion
      • translation
      • whatever
  • notes on notes?
    • rather than keep a local database of annotations, publish them on a blog tagged as an annotation
    • then can annotate the blog
  • concept pages?
    • auto-linkify takes you to a concept page on the blog
  • links & trackbacks?
    • auto-linkify adds trackbacks to cached URLs

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