Phort Tiger

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike Stay on 2010 February 25

When I was seven, my parents gave me the frame of a clubhouse for my birthday; it had two walls and a roof. I and the neighborhood kids added the other walls; when someone down the street replaced the shingles on their roof, we took the discarded ones and shingled ours. We did half of it wrong before figuring out how shingles are supposed to go (start at the bottom!) Someone else found the remains of an alphabet used to put a surname on a mailbox. It was missing the letter “F”, so the clubhouse became “Phort Tiger”, anticipating the F -> PH meme by a decade and a half. We seceded from the union and declared our backyard to be the sovereign nation of Tigeria.

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  1. reperiendi said, on 2010 July 19 at 3:17 pm

    Most of the games we played were invented by Dave McClue two doors down. He was two years older than me and had seen all the movies we weren’t allowed to.

    1. Jaws: one kid was the shark, others were divers trying to dash madly between airlocks (the picnic table, jungle gym, club house, and tree house ladder). The tire swing was a dolphin; if you hit the shark with it he had to freeze for ten seconds. If a diver’s bitten three times, he becomes a shark.

    2. Aliens: the alien goes down the alleyway and hides. He jumps out and grabs kids who are pretending to shoot the alien. Anyone who gets grabbed becomes an alien.

    3. Shrunken head of the zombie: everyone sits on the front porch while the zombie hides in the back yard. After he’s hidden, everyone else goes in to the back yard. There’s a Kewpie doll head that Dave or one of the bigger kids can throw at the zombie; if the zombie gets hit or fails to catch someone, they have to hide again.

    4. Make fun of Karen: Say “Jackie Weasel” or “Gumpy kick in the shin”. Throw june bug shells in her hair.

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