The category GraphUp

Posted in Category theory, Programming by Mike Stay on 2008 January 17

The category GraphUp of graphs and Granovetter update rules has

  • directed finite graphs as objects
  • morphisms generated by Granovetter rules, i.e. the following five operations:
    • add a new node. (creation, refcount=0)
    • given a node x, add a new node y and an edge x\to y. (creation, refcount=1)
    • given edges x\to y and x \to z, add an edge y\to z. (introduction, ++refcount)
    • remove an edge. (deletion, --refcount)
    • remove a node and all its outgoing edges if it has no incoming edges. (garbage collection)

It’s a monoidal category where the tensor product is disjoint union. Also, since two disjoint graphs can never become connected, they remain disjoint.

Programs in a capability-secure language get interpreted in GraphUp. A program’s state graph consists of nodes, representing the states of the system, and directed edges, representing the system’s transitions between states upon receiving input. A functor from a program state graph to GraphUp assigns an object reference graph as state to each node and an update generated by Granovetter rules to each edge.


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