Posted in Journal by Mike Stay on 2007 February 3

I’ve accepted a job at Google in their Applied Security team. We’ll be moving at the end of March, when the quarter is over. I don’t know if my first choice of email address above will be the one I get, but I can’t imagine someone else has it. My second and third choices were and .

Cris checked out U. Auckland’s policy on off-site students for me. They’re currently waiving international student fees for doctoral students, and I wouldn’t have to take any more classes or exams, just write a thesis. The guideline for what constitutes a thesis is apparently three publications’ worth of material, and I have that much in the queue already:

  1. Most Programs Stop Quickly or Never Halt,”
  2. “Four perspectives on braided monoidal closed categories,” and
  3. “Weakly-universal machines and the algorithmic uncertainty principle.”

I’ll need to have a co-advisor, so I’m hoping John will agree to it. It would be really cool if I could get a Ph.D. while at Google. It would be cooler still if they still give me that scholarship they offered me when I graduated.


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