Posted in Poetry by Mike Stay on 2007 January 24

I find this intensely moving.

by Douglas Stay

In a strange, distant land, by decree of the king
I journey down roads that are foreign.
The faces are stone when I’m so far from home,
And the words and the fields seem barren.
An echo of home in the silence of stars
In the breeze as it blows in the morning
My memory fails as I tell myself tales
Hearing ravens cry their shrill warning.
I awake in the night hearing voices I love
Drift away like the leaves in November
And the flavor of bread as these far paths I tread
Recalls meals from the edge of remember.
Oh! The banners we made in a hurry that day
Seem to fly in the corners of vision.
Passing shadows at night play tricks on my sight
Till the star of the morning has risen.
I long for the day when the years pass away,
And my time in exile has ended.
I will make my way home, to my fortress of stone
And the walls that so long I defended.


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