Frederic William

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike Stay on 2005 July 22

Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel, better known as Sir William Herschel, is best known for discovering Uranus; however, he went to England to further his career as a musician.

His son, John Frederick William Herschel was even more famous as a scientist.

Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel was a great astronomer and mathematician. He was the first to demonstrate the parallax of a star; John Herschel said it was “the greatest and most glorious triumph which practical astronomy has ever witnessed.”

This article tries to show something good about Friedrich Wilhem Nietzsche’s philosophy.

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau made the classic horror film Nosferatu (really Dracula) in 1922.

Frederic William Goudy was a prolific early typeface designer.

Frederick William MacMonnies’ most famous sculpture is that of Nathan Hale.

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  1. Christopher Trottier said, on 2005 July 25 at 2:58 am

    And as you know, Uranus can be quite musical.

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